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Feeboti file Tweak can modify the dates and properties of any file and folder
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When you take a picture with a digital camera or create any kind of file or folder using your operating system, the time and date of creation of the file is associated to the file’s properties, which will help you and others to use this information for a number of purposes. These properties of a particular file cannot be changed or modified without touching the contents of the file itself. Just using any of the utilities that come with Windows will not help.

Though changing any of these dates and/or the properties does not seem to be a very necessary thing to do for any computer user, it may help you occasionally, and save you valuable time as well. For example, if you edit an important file changing its content, then anybody who created that file or compares the creation and the modification dates, will know that the file has been manipulated. Using this wonderful and handy utility, you can modify any file, and then change its modification date or the details about when it was last accessed, and no one will ever know that you have been playing around with that particular file ever. Also, when moving files and directories between drives, you will see that the creation and modification dates will take the date when they were moved, thus losing valuable information that you can use to classify and organize your photographs or documents. This tool can help you revert these dates to their original dates.

Shortly, the program is one of a kind. It directly integrates into the Properties tabs that opens when you right-click on a file in Windows. From there you can access various modules that will help you to change any file’s creation or modification details very easily.

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